A candle burning brightly, in place of all the lives so sharply put out by terrorism.
If you can't burn a real candle, burn this one.
It will last as long as the memories of the dead, and the sorrow in the hearts of those close to them.

With thanks to Avalon Bliss for permission to use her words above and the candle picture on each page.

This site was originally created as a memorial to those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001.
It contains poetry written by those who have been touched by what happened.
It is a celebration of the lives of those who were lost.

I've since thought that this should be dedicated to all who have lost their lives and loved ones to the atrocity that is terrorism.

As much as anything, this is for Flash and his friends from Live Journal.
It was his loss that provided the inspiration for this site.[1]

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The Eternal Candle

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It has since come to light, that the death that served as the inspiration for the creation of this site was, in fact, a hoax - details of which can be found in this LJers4Eternity post. However, regardless of the hoax, many many lives were lost in the WTC attack, and many many more lives continue to be lost to terrorism, and so I am leaving this site up, in its original form, as tribute to all those lives.